Oticon miniFit Bass Double Vent 8mm Domes (10 domes)

Oticon miniFit Bass Double Vent 8mm Domes (10 domes)

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These Oticon domes come 10 domes to a sleeve (or 5-pairs).

These superior domes by Oticon provide bass enhancement at the lower levels of the frequency spectrum.  

closed style dome is meant used to reduce the sound from outside the hearing aid, so it can more aggressively boost the sound level.

With a closed-style dome, the hearing aid dome is one whole piece of plastic that surrounds the receive and is inserted into your ear canal. The uninterrupted shape of the dome helps to block out inconsequential sounds and boost the sound level of your hearing aids and this style of hearing aid dome is often recommended for those who suffer from severe hearing loss.

As with all hearing domes, it is suggested that you follow the advice of your audiologist to determine which domes are right for you.